Fungus attack all organs of the body, there are number of fungus attack the human body indifferent ways. Some fugal infection develop the life threatening diseases, some dangerous fungal infection would not produce the symptoms that lead the life to end. Fungal infection is highly contagious special care is essential in cures for toenail fungus. Prevention is better than cure, before analyzing the cures for toenail fungus; it is beneficial to aware about the preventive measures to be followed to get rid of fungal infection. Most of the infections can be prevented by following the proper cleaning habits, and avoiding contact with contaminated objects. Toenail infection is a common disease that can be prevented by any one. Cut the nails properly, but don't cut very close to the skin, it may cut the skins too through the cut fungus easily spread to the tissues. If any nail is already in infection use separate nail cuter and file for that nail so spread of infections to other nails can be avoided. Too much moist and warm develop fungus, sprinkle anti fungal powder in socks to keep the foot dry. Avoid too much of water activities, gardening or contact with mud, sand and plants if prone to infection. Very tight foot wears should not be used. Make the foot wears completely dry after removing. For high prevention two pairs of shoes can be used. Antibiotic tablets kills the pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria due to that infection multiples easily avoid too much of antibiotics tablets. If failed to prevent the fungal infections some clinical procedures and home remedies are in practices in cures for toenail fungus both are proved to give effective cures. Home remedies should not be implemented for the internal fungal infection in the body quick clinical diagnosis and treatment is compulsory to avoid serious attack. The worse condition of fungal infections can only be treated through surgical procedures. Oral medication is very famous for fungal infections the two important medicines are Itraconazole and Terbinafine and they effective too. But very expensive should take three times in a day. Ciclopirox lacquer is another oral medicine but it not proved to be effective. Side effects of those medicines cannot be controlled; some of the effects of those medicines are taste disturbances, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, headache, and nausea, these side effects can be avoided by following the home remedies which is cent percent safe to implement. But for internal infections clinical treatments are best. Some of the home remedies to get cures for toenail fungus are soaking fingers in mixture of olive and vinegar oil for 20 min in a day. Grape seed extract can be used to control the evolution of fungus. Rubbing the infected area with alcohol and Vicks vapor rub would give the effective results.

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